Virginia born and raised.

Charleston polished.

New York City sharpened.

Grounded in Savannah.

     I am currently a metalsmith creating collections out of Savannah, GA. I received my BFA from James Madison University in 2005 with a concentration in Metals and Jewelry and Ceramics. Though I always had my tools and supplies close at hand, I spent my first years out of college as a screen printer, a manager of an outdoor gear shop and a potter. When I moved to New York City in 2009 I decided that I would concentrate on jewelry. I worked with many jewelers as a production assistant and designer. In 2010 I decided to take the leap of designing and fabricating my own work and started a small business. Dolly Gray Designs began to take shape.

     I find inspiration in texture. In the rust on an old brass lock plate, the bark of trees, the character of a twig, the wild and jagged edges of a rock where bright green soft moss peaks through. In most of my work there is evidence of a close relationship between antiqued metal objects and the fresh new life nature gives us. I mainly work in brass and silver and recently began using gold fill wire. I use a lost wax casting technique where an original item can be molded and then cast many times so that small batches can be produced. I also do a lot of hand fabricating, soldering, setting, enamel and epoxy resin work. It is my intent to strike a balance between creating one-of-a-kind pieces, small batch series and custom orders.